Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Sugar Land, TX

Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Sugar Land, TX

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The Pain of Wisdom Teeth

Some patients have absolutely no issues nor any pain after the removal of their wisdom teeth, but there are others that it might take a little longer to recover and start to heal. The wisdom teeth can be painful to the patient when they start trying to come through, and there are occasions when they cannot come out the way they should, and it will require a special visit to Aliana Family Dental. The wisdom teeth that are not cooperating with nature must be removed because it is not sensible to leave them. After your wisdom teeth come out, it is of the utmost importance for you to follow all the post-op orders from Aliana Family Dental so you can avoid any complications.

Details that Come with a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It doesn’t matter if a wisdom tooth has impacted, partially erupted, or erupted, they can still cause different types of infections, problems, and pain. To evaluate the wisdom teeth and see if it is starting to come through and how it is coming through usually x-rays will show if there are active bone or gum infections around that tooth.

Wisdom teeth are your hardest teeth to keep clean and make them the teeth most easy to become decayed. Once it happens, there are more gum infections, further diseases, and abscesses that can cause it to spread to other areas of the mouth. Having the teeth taken out is the best treatment to keep down any further pain or complications in the future.

Once the tooth has been removed, the Aliana Family Dental will place a gauze pad over the area where the tooth was removed so there is firm pressure applied to that area so bleeding can be kept to a minimum. You should NOT remove this pad for 30 minutes so a clot can form in the area and it can start to heal the right way. If the clot does not develop, you may get a dry socket which can cause extreme pain. Follow what your Aliana Family Dental instructs you to do.

After the thirty minutes, the gauze can be removed. You may have discomfort and pain afterward, but that is normal, and you might need some medication, an ice pack, and for sure a soft food diet. Take it easy for a few days DO NOT do any big-time exercising or heavy lifting. When swelling does start, it helps to use an icepack.

To have minor bleeding is normal and it can be preserved by rinsing your mouth with warm salt water gently and then maintain a soft diet. If you face a situation and there is more bleeding, try using a warm tea bag on the area; bite down on the tea bag and keep it there for 20 minutes. The tea bag has tannic acid in it that will shrink the blood vessels and helps to stop the bleeding. If you follow these instructions and the bleeding does not let up, then you should seek further medical care.

Recovery will take at least a couple of days and not hours. Ice will need to be used for at least a day so you can get rid of the swelling. Just take it easy, do not push yourself and this will promote healing faster.

Your dentist at Aliana Family Dental knows the level of pain you can go through with this extraction and will give you a prescription for a pain medication that should help you cope with your pain. The medication will usually make you sleepy; so, avoid alcohol as it will only make everything worse.

If you are having pain after a few weeks have passed, your dentist should look at the site and make sure everything is fine.

Most dentists will prescribe antibiotics. You MUST take the entire course unless you have problems with side effects. If this is your situation, then don’t take anymore and talk to your dentist and see if there is something else that can be prescribed.

You can take liquids right after your surgery, and the food you eat needs to be soft, and you must chew on it only on the areas away from your extraction site. Eat a high-calorie diet for the first couple of days and do not skip meals. Make sure you drink enough liquids to avoid dehydration.

Your oral hygiene cannot be neglected. Be careful when cleaning your teeth by using a soft bristle brush and avoiding the extraction site. Rinse your mouth with salt water several times a day to help in the wound healing process. Many feel nauseated after they have had anesthesia, and if this should happen to you, avoid any food or liquids for a while until nausea gets better. If you should have any other questions or need to see us for any reason, do not hesitate to call Aliana Family Dental. We are here for you before, during and after your wisdom teeth extraction.

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