Teeth Whitening in Sugar Land, TX

Teeth Whitening in Sugar Land, TX

At Aliana Family Dental, we have a lot of experience with cosmetic dentistry for residents of Sugar Land, TX. One of the most common procedures is teeth whitening. It is a popular method for ensuring a gorgeous, pearly white smile.


Everyone wants a whiter smile, which is why there are many treatment options, from whitening toothpaste to bleaching trays. Teeth whitening can remove stains from coffee, tea, and yellowing due to plaque buildup over time. There are a lot of different ways to handle the process.

Types of Whitening Procedures

There are a lot of over-the-counter options available. Brush-on whitening gels use peroxide to whiten teeth. Each brand works differently, so paying attention to the instructions is important. One of the least aggressive ways to whiten is by using whitening toothpaste.

Whitening strips are another option. Many of the current options are nearly invisible when applied. These contain a layer of whitening gel that needs to be applied twice a day for half an hour. After two weeks, you will have whiter teeth that last for about four months with proper oral hygiene.

For stubborn stains, professional procedures are also available. Whitening teeth in the office is safer, more hygienic, and lasts much longer with only 30 minutes to an hour of invested time. These results can last up to a full year between treatments.

Dentists are also able to whiten through LED lighting technology. This lets them whiten your teeth in an hour without using any chemicals or bleaching. The other advantage of getting whitening done in an office is that it’s safer. They have ways to cover your gums and protect you from the peroxide.

Be Aware

Keep in mind that your teeth will be sensitive to temperatures for several days after having them whitened. Your gums can also become irritated. If these effects last longer than a few days, book an appointment here at Aliana Family Dental because those are unusual side effects.

It is also possible to over whiten your teeth. Don’t use products for longer than intended even if you don’t get the results you wanted. You need to follow the directions that come with home kits very carefully to avoid problems. Stop using them if you get sores.

Give us a call if any problems arise. At Aliana Family Dental, we are fully qualified to diagnose and fix side effects.

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