root canals in Sugar Land, TX

root canals in Sugar Land, TX

No one likes root canals, and no one wants to admit they may need one. Often, people are too scared to get examined for treatment. The good news is that this fear isn’t necessary.

Advancements in dentistry have done wonders for the root canal process. They’re a great alternative that lets you keep your natural tooth instead of having it pulled. They can save lives too because abscesses and infections caused by the issue at hand can make their way into your bloodstream. If you think you need a root canal, come talk to us at Aliana Family Dental. We know exactly how to help and can reassure you.

What’s a root canal?

Teeth are filled with pulp that surrounds your nerves. When you get cavities or bacteria deep within your teeth, the nerve endings will swell and cause lots of pain. In the past, the only way to prevent infection and abscess was to pull the tooth. Now, we can perform a root canal instead.

What’s the purpose of a root canal?

A root canal is used to sterilize the area inside the tooth. They eliminate the pulp surrounding the nerves and fill the tooth with a sterile material instead. Finally, it’s sealed with a crown or filling. Once the procedure is finished, your tooth will function nearly identically to natural teeth. The only thing to keep in mind is that they will no longer have nerves, so you’ll need to work around it to sense safe temperatures.

Why not just extract the tooth?

We hear this question often at Aliana Family Dental, which is shocking considering the drastic measure of fully removing a tooth. Although it can seem less painful than a root canal, it’s not as safe.

Bridges and dentures are long processes that take a lot of appointments to get perfect. They require you to file healthy teeth to anchor in bridges. They also require a lot of maintenance and can affect your speech and smile.

Is a root canal a permanent solution to fix my teeth?

A root canal can seem like a bad call if you’re worried it is a temporary solution that will need to be repeated regularly. The good news is that root canals are almost always permanent. If you maintain them carefully, they can potentially save your natural tooth for the rest of your life.

If you’re ready to trust modern dentistry with your tooth infection, come see us in Sugar Land, TX. Aliana Family Dental uses very modern techniques to eliminate the cliché pain associated with root canals and make it a smooth process.

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