Mouth Guards in Sugar Land, TX

Mouth Guards in Sugar Land, TX

Save a Smile with a Custom Mouth Guard

At Aliana Family Dental we are committed to the treatment and prevention of oral athletic injuries or related oral issues from lost teeth such as periodontal disease. The prevention of trauma to the mouth during sporting activities starts with the protection of a custom fitted mouthguard from a dentist near you in Sugar Land like Aliana Family Dental.

Not All Mouthguards Are Created Equal

It’s true that over-the-counter mouthguards can be purchased from big box stores, but the secret to optimum oral and facial protection is a customized fit. Some other advantages to a custom mouthguard include the following.

Make Your Choice a Durable and Budget-Friendly One

A custom mouthguard will last significantly longer than boil-and-bite guards which makes them more cost-effective when factoring in longevity.

Customization Means Superior Performance

Another reason to consider a custom mouth guard in Sugar Land versus other store-bought options comes down to one very important factor in sports – superior performance! Mouth guards from Aliana Family Dental afford better breathing and speech than a boil-and-bite mouth guard which equates to better performance all around!

Why Customization is Important for Smile Protection

The truth of the matter is that all athletes are different. They are different sizes, they play different sports, and they all have unique needs from their athletic gear. So why settle for one-size-fits-all when it comes to protecting your smile? In many cases where sports injuries are concerned, there are no do-overs. Once an athlete has experienced dental trauma, it’s too late to think, “I should have been wearing a custom mouthguard.” Instead, contact Aliana Family Dental today for maximum protection and limit your need for restorative dental work down the road!

Mouthguards Can Help with Sleep Apnea Too

Although it will be a different type of mouth guard from Aliana Family Dental, more and more patients in Sugar Land have discovered how this type of dental device can transform their snoring and sleep apnea symptoms without the need for an expensive and cumbersome CPAP machine.

Ready to Learn More About Custom Mouth Protectors in Sugar Land?

If you agree that your smile – or the smile of your child – is worth protecting as the valuable investment that it is, contact our dental care team today to learn more!

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