Fluoride Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

Fluoride Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

Protect the Enamel of Your Teeth with a Professional Fluoride Treatment

Did you know that the strongest material you have in your body is the enamel that protects your teeth? Knowing that may lead you to imagine that your teeth should be able to take care of themselves without help from your at-home oral hygiene routine or advice and treatment from a dentist near you in Sugar Land, TX.

Unfortunately, that’s untrue.

Just because your enamel is strong doesn’t mean it’s strong enough to defend against damage and decay to your teeth without the added reinforcement of fluoride. That’s why so many oral care products, such as your toothpaste and mouthwash, point out that they contain the added protection of fluoride. Keep in mind, however, that when you’re using over-the-counter products, they may not contain the same strength-fighting power that a professional fluoride treatment will.

Make an Investment in Your Smile Today

A professional fluoride treatment is one of the most cost-effective dentistry procedures you can receive from a general dentist in Sugar Land, TX. Why? Because it can prevent costly restoration and repair dentistry down the road.

Are you ready to learn more about how this naturally occurring mineral can protect your smile investment?

Get the Added Protection of a Fluoride Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

Patients can receive a fluoride treatment from Aliana Family Dental in a number of different ways.

Our dental hygienists typically include this remineralization treatment as a part of your professional teeth cleaning appointment. This is also a great time to ask more questions about the importance of this mineral in preventative dentistry.

Another way to get an added boost of fluoride is to schedule a dental exam and receive treatment as part of your appointment. It’s a simple process to apply the liquid to your teeth, and it should add no more than a few minutes to your exam.

Attention: Parents Can Manage the Future of Their Child’s Smile Today!

We all want to trust that our children are brushing their teeth like we’ve shown and encouraged them. Sadly, that may not be the reality.

Fortunately, professional fluoride treatments are approved for patients of all ages! That means you can take the guesswork out of managing the future of your child’s smile by making an appointment with Aliana Family Dental for a children’s fluoride treatment in Sugar Land, TX today!

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