Emergency Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

Emergency Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

Dental emergencies are rough. You always want to go to your familiar dentist when you’re in pain. We love all our patients here at Aliana Family Dental, so we want to make sure you know when it’s okay to wait and when you need to get in immediately for care.

Is it an emergency?

Dental pain can often feel like an emergency. When your mouth is in pain, you can’t sleep or eat, and everything hurts so much. Still, not all of these pains are emergencies that require immediate attention. Here’s how you can tell.

If you are in severe pain and experiencing bleeding, then that is a situation that will require emergency care. If you’ve lost a tooth in a traumatic way, the quicker you get care, the less likely you are to develop issues, and the more likely the tooth can be saved. If adults have loose teeth, then that indicates a serious problem.

If you have an abscess or infection, this can potentially be life-threatening. Seek immediate treatment if there is any swelling in your face or gums. To put it simply, any dental issue that results in severe pain or bleeding should be considered an emergency.

It’s not an emergency.

That being said, pain scales are different. It can be challenging to see whether something is severe or otherwise. Sometimes that pain can wait a day or two until your dentist opens and books you into their schedule.

Chipped and cracked teeth are emergencies if the fracture is painful or leaves sharp fragments that will cut your mouth, but otherwise, you can wait until your dentist can see you. Toothaches can also wait for dentists to be opened and don’t require immediate emergency treatment. If you have an abscess, that is the exception.

Lost fillings and crowns can also wait a couple of days to be treated. Stick a piece of sugar-free gum into the cavity when you’ve lost a filling or try putting the crown back into place with denture adhesive.

If you’ve got a knocked-out tooth, a serious fracture, or an abscess, go get that taken care of immediately with Sugar Land, TX emergency dentists. Otherwise, wait a few days and come see us here at Aliana Family Dental. We can take care of you quickly.

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