Digital X-Rays in Sugar Land, TX

Digital X-Rays in Sugar Land, TX

One of the best technological developments is digital radiography, also known as digital x-rays. This technology allows an x-ray to be produced using an electronic sensor instead of traditional film, which results in images that are easily stored on a computer for better analysis and accessibility. The technology also results in low exposure to the radiation necessary to create an image, making digital x-rays a popular choice for families.

The Benefits

Besides being easy to take and access, digital x-rays come with a couple of advantages over traditional images.

First, digital x-rays reduce patient exposure to radiation by 90 percent while still creating a crystal clear image.

Second, the dentist can view and enlarge the images immediately on a computer, allowing for fast treatment and better chances of catching any anomalies.

Third, digital x-rays do not require film processing and thus have a lower environmental impact.

Fourth, the x-rays can be done in a shorter period of time, so patients spend less time in the office.

Why Are X-Rays Necessary?

Every modern dental office requires that patients have x-rays taken of their jaws and mouth to identify better problems that can develop underneath the skin and gum tissues. They serve as an excellent preventive, diagnostic tool and will be done at annual dental exams. Some digital x-rays are also used to track the misalignment of the jaw and to catch issues with the bite of a patient early, especially among older children. A digital x-ray is capable of showcasing:

  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Cavities or other problems in a tooth
  • Bone loss around the jaw
  • Cancerous and benign tumors
  • Tooth decay
  • Misaligned teeth and roots

When digital x-rays are taken often and early enough, they can save patients time and money while also preserving health and wellness.

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