Dental Fillings in Sugar Land, TX

Dental Fillings in Sugar Land, TX

The dentists at Aliana Family Dental in Sugar Land offer different kinds of dental fillings.

If a cavity is found in one of your teeth, either because you had some pain or it was discovered during a regular dental cleaning, restoration or a “filling” will need to be placed. A filling keeps decay from spreading further through the tooth, which would lead to requiring a more involved, and possibly more expensive, procedure if not treated.

Cracked, broken, or worn-down teeth can be treated with fillings to close off the damaged area and keep bacteria from entering.

Deciding on the best filling is usually based on patient preference and cost. Aliana Family Dental will help you make that decision:

  • Gold: Gold may last for 20 years but are the most expensive option.
  • Silver (amalgam): Silver is dark in color but relatively inexpensive and resistant to wear. Since they are more noticeable than composite or porcelain, they are mainly used on back teeth.
  • Composite (plastic): Composite fillings are manufactured to match your original tooth color, but they only last three to ten years. They are also prone to chip and wear if used for large fillings and stain easier than other fillings.
  • PorcelainPorcelain fillings (also called inlays or onlays) are produced in a lab. These are bonded to the tooth, match the original tooth color, and resist staining. This restoration covers most of the tooth, and the cost is similar to the gold fillings.

Fillings can restore a damaged tooth to its normal function and shape.

Before receiving a filling, an injection is administered to numb the area around the damaged tooth.

The area to be filled is prepped with an abrasion instrument or laser to remove decay. A probe will be used to make sure that there is no decay remaining, and any debris left in the cavity will be cleaned out. Lastly, the filling that you have chosen is applied, shaped, and polished.

After the filling is set, it will be tested to be sure there are no “high spots.” If the filling hits the opposite tooth before the rest of the tooth, it will need to be smoothed down, so the bite is as natural as it was before.

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