Crown Lengthening in Sugar Land, TX

Crown Lengthening in Sugar Land, TX

Both cosmetic and practical dentistry use a procedure called crown lengthening. This procedure exposes more of your tooth, peeling the gums back a bit to do so.

Cosmetically, it fixes a gummy smile. It often needs to be done to expose enough tooth for bridging to anchor into effectively. If you’re in Sugar Land, TX, then come see us here at Aliana Family Dentistry to get questions about crown lengthening answered.


You may end up wearing a temporary crown between appointments. This will protect your tooth until you’re ready for the procedure. Before the procedure, you’ll need to give a medical history and have some x-rays. This is when you should let your surgeon know about your medications so they can find out whether they’ll interact badly with surgery.

Crown Lengthening Procedure

This is an outpatient procedure that lets you go home after the surgery. Timing varies based on how many teeth are being lengthened and whether you just need to remove bone or whether soft tissue needs to go as well.

Most people have a local anesthetic, but you can also receive a sedative if necessary. The gums are cut and pulled back from the teeth, which exposes your jawbone and roots. Then, they will stitch gums back together.


You might be prescribed a pain reliever after the procedure to help manage pain. A special mouth rinse will also be prescribed to help you heal your gums and prevent bacteria growth and infection.

Your teeth will be sensitive to temperature extremes, but this will go away after time. The full recovery process takes around three months, but you can eat and function normally as soon as your gums heal. The first 2 or 3 days are the worst.

You should avoid hot foods for the first day and use a moistened tea bag or some gauze to sop up any residual bleeding. Ice packs will help reduce facial swelling; alternate it with 15 minutes on then off.

You need to leave your dressings in for 1 or 2 weeks. Brush your teeth very gently and carefully and only brush the biting surface of affected teeth. Use the opposite side of your mouth to chew.

If you’re ready for a crown lengthening procedure, or if you have questions about whether you need this procedure, then give us a call here at Aliana Family Dental.

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