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How Dental Implants Work

What are dental implants? How do they work? If you’ve never needed implants before, it’s understandable that you haven’t heard much about them. They’re only one of the tooth replacement options available when you lose a tooth or teeth. But the tooth implant process is one of the most reliable and exciting ways to replace …

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Benefits Of Dental Implants

At our local dentist office in Sugar Land, TX we always keep in mind that the goal of dental implants is to bring you health benefits, confidence, a better quality of life, and other benefits. The tooth implant process is about much more than the technology, the implant abutment, bone grafts, and the types of …

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Cost Of Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a major purchase for some patients, so it’s important to understand the full price and the breakdown of what goes into the total cost. We’ll look at each part of the tooth implant process below, along with methods of payment. Always keep in mind that the average cost of dental implants …

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Fixed Implant Dentures/All-On-4®

Some of our patients get implant-supported dentures for one of these reasons: They already have traditional dentures and have felt them slipping out when they chew or talk. They’re thinking of getting dentures but are worried that they won’t like to feel them resting on their gums. They need a smile makeover because of major …

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Single Tooth Implant Replacement

When someone has not lost a tooth as an adult, they don’t know how frustrating it is. It can give you a lisp, make you embarrassed whenever someone snaps a picture, and cause difficulties in social interactions. You might even want a new tooth because of an upcoming event, like a wedding or promotion. What …

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Implants Overview

If you have never needed dental implants before, you may have never heard of one. What are dental implants? Each tooth implant is a state-of-the-art titanium tooth root that is placed in the jaw. It is used to hold a single tooth crown or multiple new teeth in an appliance. What Can Dental Implants Do …

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