Invisalign® Clear Braces Cost

We want you to be able to afford the dental services you need at Aliana Family Dental. We work with patients to help them understand their own insurance and to connect with sources of financing. We want to see you loving the smile of your dreams when you walk out of the dentist’s office.

For Invisalign, we will also get you started with a free consultation with the Invisalign orthodontist. You can just call the dental clinic in Sugar Land, TX. You can also ask us how you can cover Invisalign costs, which we discuss below—especially if we find that your teeth are ready for Invisalign.

Payment Methods For Invisalign®

Keep an open mind about a few different ways of paying for your Invisalign smile, because we may list one that you have not thought of for some time. It’s possible to pay either up-front or during the Invisalign process, using the methods below.

Dental Insurance

Does your employer offer dental insurance? If they do and you haven’t signed up for it, you may want to move forward on it before starting Invisalign—as long as you are an ideal candidate for Invisalign.

Or you might already have dental insurance. Either way, you should look at a copy of the dental insurance policy to find their orthodontic section and ask:

  • Does it cover orthodontics in general?
  • Does it cover Invisalign braces at the same rate?
  • What percentage of orthodontics does it pay for?

You can also call your human resources director and ask them to tell you what is covered. If you already have a dental plan, you could also access your online account and look up the information there.

Or call us at the dentist’s office for help. We’re happy to call your insurance carrier on your behalf and navigate the terms and vocabulary they use.


From a current or past insurance plan, you might have either:

  • A health savings account (HSA)—a bank account that saves cash for medical services.
  • A flexible spending account (FSA)—makes a certain amount of money available each year for medical services.

Taking money from either type of account is tax-exempt, as long as it is used for qualified services, which may include dental care or even Invisalign clear braces, under certain plans. You may have enough to pay for a portion of treatment—or all of it.


We help patients connect with LendingPoint, which is a way to get personal loans that can cover Invisalign aligners. There’s no risk to go through their pre-qualification process. It doesn’t affect your credit score.

LendingPoint has about an 80% chance of approval if your FICO score is 580 or higher. Plus, you don’t have to pay any money down, which means you can start working with your Invisalign doctor immediately if you qualify. You can then pay off the loan in 24–60 months

During the application, LendingPoint will want to see your:

  • Job history, especially if you have worked for a year or longer at one job.
  • Bank records (to see your wise money management).
  • Income verification, like bank statements, pay stubs, or tax documents.

If you gather this information in advance, you’ll be able to get your application completed more quickly. You can find out what your interest rate would be—usually better than a credit card offers—and get closer to your own invisible braces.


CareCredit can help you cover the average cost of Invisalign by issuing you a credit card for healthcare. When you apply for it, keep in mind that this sends a hard inquiry to the credit reporting agencies, which can slightly affect your credit score.

Once you have CareCredit, you can use it to pay for other services at the local dentist’s office, besides Invisalign trays. That means it can help you cover unexpected issues, like cavities or dental emergencies, or restorative dentistry services, like crowns.

You might use CareCredit in combination with insurance or other sources of funding. Insurance can reduce the cost of clear aligners by a percentage but still leave you owing a deductible, for example, which you can pay with CareCredit.

Contact Dr. Baratta For Affordable Invisalign® Results

If none of these methods seem right for you, you can still contact us. We may be able to work something else out. You can schedule your free Invisalign consultation, and start working toward your own amazing Invisalign before and after pictures.

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