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The Invisalign process is the smart, modern way to straight teeth, a healthy bite, and more. It uses no metal wires, bulky brackets, or painful tightening.

What Is Invisalign? It uses clear aligners that easily cover your teeth and pop out before every meal and cleaning. A progressive series of Invisalign trays can finish their work in as little as six months, unlike the two or three years of traditional braces.

Your Invisalign before and after pictures might even show that your chin, jawline, and facial structure have improved along with your bite and teeth. These and many other great results start with your FREE Invisalign consultation. Contact Aliana Family Dental to schedule yours.

What Happens In An Invisalign® Consultation

First, our team members will help you feel comfortable at the dentist’s office. We know it’s not always easy to visit the dentist. Even Dr. Baratta has been phobic of visiting dentists for years. So, we will make you feel welcome.

Dr. Baratta is a good listener and will help you put your goals and needs into words. We’ll also use high-tech methods to find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign aligners (because some patients benefit more from other dental services). Your consultation can include these steps:

  • Digital Imaging: We often use dental x-rays to make sure that your jaws and teeth have the roots and bone for safe orthodontic work. X-rays also help us plan a path for each tooth to move through.
  • Medical & Dental Records: By looking through your medical and dental history, we’ll see the medical and dental services you have had, which helps us plan around any potential issues.
  • Dental Checkup: It’s vital that your teeth and gums are ready for Invisalign aligners. A gum infection, for example, could damage the structure of your teeth and jaws. We need to address any dental health concerns first.
  • Bite Exam: Your Invisalign orthodontist needs to see your bite movement, checking for an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. We can improve your bite while straightening your teeth, keeping your teeth safer and jaw joints safer from wear.
  • Dialogue: Ask Dr. Baratta any questions about Invisalign braces you have, and share your concerns and goals. We’d like you to know what to expect and be ready. Plus, it helps to know your team before any project.
  • High-Tech Impressions: If we’re ready to move forward after your checkup, we’ll use touchless, state-of-the-art visual scanners to build a 3D model of your teeth in the computer. This is much more accurate and convenient than messy, old-fashioned impressions.
  • Planning: Your Invisalign doctor will use dedicated software to plan your tooth movements. This generates a series of customized aligners that each apply gentle pressure to your teeth. The software can even show you what your Invisalign smile may look like!
  • Aligner Fabrication: We’ll send your aligner data to Invisalign labs, which uses the world’s largest network of 3D printers to create clear braces from high-quality ingredients.

Do you need any help covering the average cost of Invisalign? You can discuss payment options with a friendly team member too.

Invisalign has helped many patients to eat better, smile more, feel more confident, and have a better quality of life. If this treatment will benefit you, we want you to be able to afford Invisalign trays, so we’re happy to discuss this.

What Is Included In The NuSmile Package?

  • Zoom Whitening: a $400 value!
  • Retainers: no additional cost for retainers, and we send you a backup set as well for when they are inevitably lost. Our #1 reason for doing Invisalign is people not having worn their retainers earlier
  • Tooth Manicuring: Sometimes chipped teeth require smoothening out to get a perfect cosmetic result. This is included in the NuSmile Package
  • Laser Gum Contouring: If necessary, gum contouring with a state-of-the-art laser is included to achieve an ideal cosmetic effect

All of these additional services make the NuSmile Invisalign Smile Transformation the best value in the Houston area for Invisalign treatment!

Will You Be An Invisalign® Candidate?

Clear teeth aligners are not the right solution for every patient. You won’t know for sure until you meet with your Invisalign dentist. If there is a better treatment option for you, we’ll recommend it wholeheartedly. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Age: Patients need all their adult teeth. The Invisalign teen system is also available for adolescents who qualify.
  • Dental Health: If teeth are currently infected, they would need a thorough dental cleaning before we can move forward. Infected gums would also put the process at risk because healthy gums nourish and support teeth.
  • Commitment: You’ll need to maintain your oral health and cleanliness carefully for 6–12 months, along with wearing your invisible braces for at least 20 hours every day. You may need to wear a retainer after Invisalign too. Will this fit into your busy life?

If you have the motivation to build a few simple habits, you can get the Invisalign results that you want quickly.

Schedule A Free Invisalign® Consultation With Dr. Baratta

Find out soon if Invisalign is right for you. We could straighten your teeth, relieve and protect crowded teeth, fix your bite, close gaps, and more. Call Aliana Family Dental in Sugar Land, TX for a FREE consultation today.

  • $49 Emergency Exam & X-Ray*


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