Top 10 Reasons To Get Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants are exciting. You may have heard about implants, along with other tooth replacement options. But is the tooth implant process the best solution for your needs? Implants might have worked for someone else, but what about you?

Let’s explore 10 reasons that new teeth implants might be right for you. We know why we are excited about them at our local dentist’s office: They can give you self-confidence, a healthy smile, a more defined jawline, and more. But it’s time for you to think about what you want from them and make your own informed decision.

1. Similar to Natural Teeth

The dental implant process will leave you with a tooth that feels and functions more like a natural tooth than any other method can. That’s because each implant is deeply rooted in your own jawbone and integrated there, transferring the pressure of your bite into your jawbone, just as natural a tooth root does.

2. Built for a Lifetime

Our dental implants are made from high-quality titanium, which is chosen for strength, durability, and the quality of not being rejected by the body. We’re confident that your implant will stay with you for a lifetime. It can support a single crown at first. Later, it could be one of several that anchor implant-supported dentures. Your investment now could save you time and money later.

3. Cosmetic Value

Even as we are practicing restorative dentistry, we keep aesthetic dentistry principles in mind. If we can make your smile and facial shape look more attractive, we can give you multiple benefits at once. We can design customized dentures to look like real teeth and gums.

Plus, your implants and any bone grafting we perform can give you a hidden benefit. A deteriorating jawbone can make the face sag, but the dental implant procedure can improve your jawline by stimulating your bone to grow.

4. Less Stress

Some patients get denture implants because their traditional dentures kept slipping out. They never knew when this embarrassing and inconvenient event would happen, and they got fed up with it. They might also hate that dentures rub against their gums. Fixed dentures, attached to implants, don’t slip out of place and don’t touch the gums, relieving those stressors.

5. Alternative to a Dental Bridge

If you have lost one tooth or a few, you have several options, including a traditional dental bridge. It’s a perfect time to do some research.

The traditional methods work well as a medium-term solution. But it requires your dental specialist to remove material from surrounding teeth to anchor the bridge. In contrast, implants create an independent base that can be used for your current bridge and later appliances. If you have the budget, you might weigh the pros and cons of this investment.

6. Normal Eating & Conversation

After having a missing tooth or teeth, you may have noticed that your nutritional intake is not what you ideally want. It can be hard to eat right with empty tooth sockets. A missing tooth can also make you feel uncomfortable when meeting new people and holding conversations. But implants can let you eat the foods that you used to and talk confidently with anyone.

7. Protection From Losing an Appliance

After paying for a dental appliance, it would be a massive inconvenience to accidentally lose it. With a fixed, implant-supported denture, that danger is eliminated. One less worry.

8. Keep Your Routine

You don’t need to build new habits of cleaning or maintenance when you get a new tooth with a dental implant. You’ll probably forget that it’s there after a while, it will feel so natural. Just brush, floss, and visit the dentist’s office twice a year.

9. Anti-Aging Effects

Traditional dentures and dental bridges tend to cause jawbone deterioration. Surprisingly, these bones keep on growing new cells throughout your life. But when they sense that tooth roots are gone, they’ll reduce bone mass in that area. Dental implants have an anti-aging effect of stimulating new cell growth when they’re inserted.

10. Predictable Results

The dental surgery in the implant process has been improved for more than 50 years now, giving it one of the highest success rates of all dental surgeries. We can predict with a high amount of confidence that dental implants will give you the results you want if you are qualified for them.

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