Single Tooth Implant Replacement

When someone has not lost a tooth as an adult, they don’t know how frustrating it is. It can give you a lisp, make you embarrassed whenever someone snaps a picture, and cause difficulties in social interactions. You might even want a new tooth because of an upcoming event, like a wedding or promotion.

What can you do if you just need to replace a single tooth? Here are two great options we offer at the dental clinic:

  • Dental Bridge: A short appliance that holds a replacement tooth in the middle, between two crowns placed on the teeth to either side of the replacement tooth. It is held in place by the crown on the natural teeth (although a bridge can also be supported by dental implants).
  • A Dental Implant (& Tooth Restoration): A new titanium tooth root anchored in the jaw, along with a new tooth crown attached to it using an implant abutment.

A dental bridge can be placed quickly, after altering the teeth around the socket. The dentist recommends them for some patients. But a dental implant can be a better option for certain patients who want a permanent new tooth root in the jaw, which will last a lifetime.

What Is The Dental Implant Process For A Single Tooth?

At our local dentist office in Sugar Land, TX, we bring in cutting-edge technology—the kind we’d want ourselves if we were getting a dental implant. You can get your 3D dental x-rays, anesthesia, sedation, dental surgery, crowns or other appliances, and more all at once at the dental clinic. You don’t have to travel around to different specialists.

Dr. Baratta knows what it is like to be nervous before a new procedure. He’s a bit of a “dentalphobe” himself. He’ll listen to you and make you feel comfortable at our family dental practice. Ask any questions you have.

For us, the tooth implant process is quick and routine. We treat it with professionalism, but we want you to know it’s nothing to be worried about. In fact, it has one of the highest success rates of any major dental procedure. Here’s the general process we’ll use:

  • Examination: We’ll thoroughly check over your dental health, assessing if your jawbone is strong enough for a dental implant and if your teeth and gums are free of major infections and decay. If you need it, we can perform general dentistry services here, such as dental cleaning.
  • Surgery Preparation: The team will examine your scans to plan the strongest positioning for your dental implant, ensuring a long-term bond.
  • Dental Surgery: This quick procedure only needs local anesthetic. The surgery is only a small incision and insertion. If you need sedation dentistry for anxiety or sensitivity, we can also administer it.
  • Temporary Tooth Cap: We sometimes cover teeth implants with a temporary cap to keep material out while the implant site heals. This will help your gums to heal in a natural shape, also. We might also place a temporary tooth on the implant before your permanent restoration arrives.
  • Recovery: After this small surgery, you’ll be able to get back to your routine very quickly. Some patients just take over-the-counter pain medication for a short time. Then, you may need several months to let the jawbone integrate with the implant root.
  • Final Tooth: The final restorative dentistry step is to place your color-matched, custom-shaped tooth crown on your implant, attaching it with an implant abutment.

A side benefit of a dental implant is that your jawbone can get stronger. The implant integration process stimulates it to create new bone at any age. This makes your new tooth more stable than it would be if it were in a dental bridge. A dental bone graft, necessary for some patients, can also add more bone to the jaw.

Call Aliana Family Dental For A Tooth Replacement

If you’re missing a tooth, let’s discuss your tooth replacement options. There may be dental services that will be right for you that you haven’t considered yet.

A dental implant is designed to be permanent for the rest of your life. That new tooth root will be with you practically forever. That means it is a great investment, which we can simply maintain over the decades instead of replacing.

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