How Dental Implants Work

What are dental implants? How do they work? If you’ve never needed implants before, it’s understandable that you haven’t heard much about them. They’re only one of the tooth replacement options available when you lose a tooth or teeth.

But the tooth implant process is one of the most reliable and exciting ways to replace every tooth in your mouth. The dental surgery involved has one of the highest success rates of any dental surgery. It’s worth your time to understand how implants could work for you.

Fast & Safe Surgery

The dental implant process includes a short surgery. It’s simple and routine, requiring only local anesthetic. Part of the reason it’s so reliable—with about a 95% success rate—is because we’ll carefully plan for it with 3D dental x-rays, optical scanners, and implant experience.

Titanium implants, which are posts that work as new tooth roots, are naturally compatible with bodily systems, causing no reactions. Over several months, your body will integrate the implant with your jawbone, creating a stable foundation for a single tooth crown or more extensive appliance.

A Permanent New Tooth

If you have lost a tooth—or have been told you will lose a tooth—don’t despair. We can quickly and permanently replace it. After a dental implant is inserted, we can place an implant abutment (a connector) on it, along with a temporary crown that will let you chew as the jaw is healing.

Once the integration of the implant is complete, we’ll place a permanent new crown that you can have customized to look amazing in your smile. The implanted root will feel perfectly natural, like a part of your body, and will never wear out.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

If you’re in an accident that breaks or knocks out several teeth, your dentist can replace them with new teeth at the dental clinic. Using two or more implants, we can support a dental bridge that holds several crowns in place, stabilized by being connected directly to the jawbone.

We’ll only use the necessary number of implants; for example, three or four crowns in a bridge can be supported by only two implants. Alternatively, you can choose to have each tooth replaced by an individual implant, abutment, and crown.

Full-Smile Replacement

Denture implants now can anchor implant-supported dentures, which replace a full arch of teeth. You could get one to replace your upper or lower teeth or get a full set to replace all your teeth.

We also offer:

  • All-on-4® Treatment Concept: A standardized process of placing a new arch of teeth on just four stable implants (like the legs of a table), which shortens the surgery and saves you money.
  • Same-Day Dental Implants: A convenient process for when you’re busy and need an implant and a new tooth in one appointment.

You may want to choose fixed dentures that are permanently attached to implants (removable only at the dentist’s office). This is convenient for you because you won’t have to think about taking your dentures out for cleaning. Keep your normal routine of flossing and brushing, treating dentures as natural teeth.

Removable Dentures

At our local dentist’s office in Sugar Land, TX we can customize removable dentures. You can take them out at night (or any time), clean them with a solution, and brush your gums. At the same time, you can be confident they’ll stay in place while you’re eating or socializing with others.

Some patients dislike traditional dentures that are loosely attached to the gums with dental adhesive and suction because they can slip off the gums. What they don’t know is that by pressing on the gums, they are actually wearing down the jawbone underneath.

In contrast, teeth implants (and any necessary bone grafting) stimulate the jawbone to get stronger. This can improve your facial appearance and long-term dental health.

Make An Appointment With Aliana Family Dental For Professional Implants

We’re excited to meet with you, understand your needs, and improve your smile with our dental services, including dental implants—or another type of restorative dentistry if we find a better way to serve you.

You can schedule a free dental implants consultation any time with Aliana Family Dental—but the sooner the better, because a missing tooth can lead to jawbone deterioration. Dr. Baratta will make you feel comfortable here and perform an exam to find out if dental implants are the right option for you. Call now to schedule your free appointment.

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