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If you’re missing a tooth—or more than one—we know how frustrating that can be. You might be struggling to eat right. You could be embarrassed with an empty tooth socket when you talk to others. What tooth replacement options do you have? How do you know which to choose?

We have a great way for you to find out. Dental implants have helped many other patients by replacing a tooth or teeth with a permanent tooth root and appliance. That’s why we’re offering FREE dental implant consultations, which can help you decide.

A Risk-Free Exam

This is a major decision, so we want to give you every opportunity to explore it at our local dentist’s office in Sugar Land, TX. You’ll get a chance to meet Dr. Baratta and share your concerns and goals with him. You can ask any questions you have and get a dental checkup to find out if your teeth are compatible with the tooth implant process.

We also offer this appointment for free because we don’t want patients to ignore dental implants just because of the cost of an exam. You should be able to learn more about it at no risk, then make an informed decision about it.

We’ll give you a safe and friendly environment at the dental clinic to think, compare, and decide. This is a true consultation; we’ll give you advice just to benefit you, not to try to make money for the dentist’s office.

The Steps Of The Consultation

So, do we just talk during your consultation? No, this is a thorough fact-finding mission to find out if teeth implants are the solution to your needs. Here are the key steps we’ll use to help you reach your own conclusion. (But there’s no pressure. Make a decision at your own pace.)

General Health History

It’s vital that we understand you, which includes looking over your general health history. We may want to avoid the dental implant process if you have any of these challenges:

  • Heart disease.
  • Past strokes.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Current radiation or other cancer treatments.
  • Diabetes (although you could still receive dental implants if your blood sugar is carefully controlled while you receive teeth implants).

If we find a health issue that can increase your risk to you, we will either discuss how to manage those risks or recommend a restorative dentistry procedure that should be better for you. Dental surgery and recovery take a certain amount of bodily resources, and we want to ensure that you’re ready.

This isn’t a final test at school, though! You can be relaxed and comfortable around Dr. Baratta. He knows what it is like to feel dental anxiety. No, this is a safe place just to get to know you and find the dental services that will help you reach your goal.

Current Oral Health

Your dentist will also give you a general dentistry exam to assess your dental health. One of the main issues we’re looking for is infection. If there are too many bacteria on your gums or teeth, they could threaten your new teeth. The dental hygienist can perform dental cleaning for you if there are any dangerous issues.

Jaw Density

What are dental implants? Each is a titanium tooth root that is placed in the jaw. It bonds with your jawbone almost just like a natural tooth root. And that means that the jawbone at the implant site needs enough mass to hold the implant securely.

Through dental x-rays and 3D optical scans, we’ll be able to estimate if your jawbone would be prepared for this surgery and bonding process. Dental implant surgery has a 95% success rate, and this preparation is part of the reason for that high rate.

If the jaw needs more mass, we can simply add material through a dental bone graft. This stimulates that jawbone to thicken naturally, getting you ready for the final implant surgery.

Treatment Plan

If you are a great candidate, we’ll put together your treatment plan and timeline, along with a cost estimate. Keep in mind that the dental implant process goes through phases of surgery, healing, and tooth restoration, which can span several months to a year.

Call Aliana Family Dental For A Free Dental Implants Consultation

If you want to explore the dental implant option, you can make a free appointment at our dental clinic. Just contact Aliana Family Dental in Sugar Land, TX to talk to a friendly team member. We’ll give you our best recommendation to restore your tooth or teeth and give you back your unique smile. Call now.

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