Dental Implants & Same-Day Tooth Replacement

Same-day dental implants are a wonderful service for patients who are missing a tooth or teeth and need new teeth quickly. We can complete a whole tooth implant process in one appointment, including the extraction of damaged teeth.

You could call Aliana Family Dental when you have a major tooth problem or a missing tooth. After just one visit, you could walk out with a new tooth. That’s our goal for you, and it can happen with the latest restorative dentistry technology.

What would happen in your professional life if your front teeth were damaged or knocked out? Would you need your teeth replaced fast? Then a tooth implant can restore your smile almost immediately.

Do I Qualify For Implant Placement Or Same-Day Treatment?

While we want everyone to be able to benefit from the innovation of dental implants, there are certain requirements you need to meet to be able to get dental implants. From there, we can assess whether same-day tooth replacement will work for you as well.

Oral Health

Before we can start the dental implant process, we’ll give you a dental health checkup. We won’t perform dental surgery if, for example, there is a gum infection present. That would threaten your overall health during the surgery and recovery.

If we find any major issues, we would need to first perform a dental cleaning or other general dentistry services to improve dental health.

Jawbone Density

Before we place any teeth implants, we always check that a patient’s jawbone has enough mass under the missing tooth. We will take dental x-rays, when needed, to see if the jawbone would successfully bond with the implant.

Remember, the titanium dental implant post will become a part of your jawbone over time. It is bio-compatible, so a patient’s body will accept it. A successful implant surgery will result in an implant that is a stable foundation for a new tooth or dental appliance, such as a dental bridge.

Unfortunately, though, a jawbone sometimes is not thick enough to hold the future biting force of a new tooth. If that happens, we can switch to another solution, such as a traditional dental bridge.

Or the dentist may recommend a bone graft. What is a bone graft? It is a process of adding real or artificial bone material to the jawbone, which stimulates it to grow more natural bone in the target area. This can prepare your jawbone for future implant surgery.


We want to recommend tooth replacement options that are compatible with your budget. You might have an insurance plan that covers dental implants, a CareCredit card, or an HSA or FSA account.

We can help you look at your resources for covering the average cost of dental implants. We always want to advise you to choose the service that is the most helpful to you. If dental implants don’t make sense for you, we’ll explore other solutions.

Your Same-Day Tooth Replacement Appointment

When you arrive at the local dentist’s office in Sugar Land, TX on your appointment day, we’ll quickly check your dental health and jawbone strength. If you’re a candidate for same-day tooth replacement, we’ll let you know and prepare to move forward, if you choose. Otherwise, we can point you to other great options.

The dental surgery only requires a local anesthetic. It is a small incision and implant insertion. We can also perform an extraction of a decayed or damaged tooth, if necessary. These dental care services are quick and routine. You can also request sedation dentistry if you have dental anxiety or sensitivity.

Finally, we’ll connect an implant abutment to your new tooth root. The abutment is like a small platform. We then attach your temporary dental crown—replacement tooth—to the abutment.

Recovery & Tooth Restoration

It often takes several months (about 3) for a jawbone to permanently bond with a new implant. The bone is stimulated to naturally grow new cells and make the titanium part of the jaw. It will eventually be very stable and solid for the replacement tooth.

In the meantime, your temporary tooth will work well. We’ll give you periodic exams to make sure that your recovery is going as planned. We will also help direct the position of the implant if it needs it.

When the implant is completely stable—sometimes after three to six months—we’ll attach your final crown to your implant abutment.

Schedule Your Same-Day Tooth Restoration At Aliana Family Dental

Is one of your teeth cracked, decayed, or knocked out? At Aliana Family Dental, we can replace it fast. You can get an implant and temporary tooth in one appointment—and a permanent, life-long tooth in the end. Call now for a consultation and procedure.

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