Benefits Of Dental Implants

At our local dentist office in Sugar Land, TX we always keep in mind that the goal of dental implants is to bring you health benefits, confidence, a better quality of life, and other benefits.

The tooth implant process is about much more than the technology, the implant abutment, bone grafts, and the types of dental implants. We use implants to fix teeth, give you new teeth, help you chew better, help you smile proudly, and much more. Here are 10 other benefits of these dental services.

1. Natural Feel, Function, & Appearance

Once your dental implant process is done, you’ll have a tooth that looks and feels as good as new. Smiling and chewing will feel completely natural again. If you get implant-supported dentures or a dental bridge, they can also include gum-like features to make your entire smile look natural.

2. A Lifetime Investment

After the initial dental implant procedure, which involves a short dental surgery, and a recovery time to allow the implant to bond with your jawbone, the implant will be bonded in place practically forever. You’ll never need to worry about updating it or losing it. An implant is made of biocompatible titanium, which the body will accept for the rest of its life.

3. Full-Mouth Stability

A missing tooth or two can destabilize other teeth around it. Teeth naturally start to move toward an empty socket, which leaves gaps between your other teeth. It can also wear teeth out as they brush against each other. Teeth implants, though, stop the other teeth from moving, stabilizing your whole smile.

4. Improved Jawbone Strength & Appearance

A dental implant stimulates the jawbone to grow around it, which strengthens it. Otherwise, without an implant, the jawbone naturally deteriorates, causing changes to facial appearance. In addition, a dental bone graft can add bone to a thin area of your jaw, improving the definition of the jawline.

5. Protection of Surrounding Teeth

If you need a single tooth replacement, a dental bridge is a restorative dentistry service that gives you a new tooth. But a bridge is anchored on surrounding natural teeth, and some of the material has to be removed from those teeth in preparation. In contrast, a single tooth replacement with an implant is anchored directly in your jaw, leaving surrounding teeth intact.

6. Simple Maintenance

Preventive dentistry is easy with a dental implant. Your restored tooth will be as easy to care for as a natural tooth. Just brush and floss as you always have. You should also schedule a checkup every six months. If you have removable dentures, you can also snap them out to brush your gums thoroughly.

7. Food Variety

It’s easy to eat any kind of food that you enjoy with dental implants. You might avoid sticky, crunchy, or chewy foods—which could be your favorite types—with traditional dentures or bridges. But a dental implant is as stable as a natural tooth root. You can eat what you like.

8. Comfort

Some patients get frustrated with traditional dentures because they slip off of their gums (being attached with denture adhesive and suction). This can be embarrassing and difficult in social situations and mealtimes. In contrast, denture implants hold dentures firmly in place, making them feel comfortable and natural in all daily activities.

9. Better Speech

Some patients develop a slur or lisp when they are missing one or more teeth—understandable because the missing tooth changes the airflow over the teeth and the interaction with the tongue. Getting a dental implant can instantly make these speech issues quickly vanish.

10. Variety of Dental Solutions

There are so many tooth replacement options now using dental implants. You can choose from a variety of materials in different colors and shapes. We can replace several teeth with individual implants or with a dental bridge. You can get fixed dentures that are attached permanently to implants or that you can remove at will. There are also different types of bone graft materials to meet your preferences.

Contact Aliana Family Dental For Custom Implant Solutions

You can get the tooth replacement option that you need right here at your family dentist’s office. We want to help complete your smile and make you feel confident in your long-term investment in your own health. Call today for a free implant consultation.

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