Your Ideal Treatment for TMJ Disorders

Managing pain and discomfort attributed to TMJ disorders is achievable by the use of home-based self-care and non-invasive procedures. In case your ailment is severe, a surgical procedure can be performed.

The condition is temporary, but you need to visit a specialist for TMJ treatment near you if you experience pain or tenderness on your jaw. Jaw dysfunction may occur if the condition remains untreated.

What’s TMJ syndrome?

TMJ syndrome refers to the inflammation of the jaw joint that connects the jaw bone to the skull. An injury causes pain to the jaw muscles or your nerves. The affected joints are painful and lead to clenching, migraines and facial inflammation. TMJ disorder leads to muscle tightness and complete jaw dysfunction, and it’s caused by the following:

  • Chewing of gum
  • Misalignment of your teeth or trauma to your jaw bone tissues
  • Arthritis or severe jaw bone conditions
  • Teeth clenching
  • Stress on your jaw tissues
  • Poor posture

Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

Once you go for TMJ Treatment near Village of Oak Lake, we examine the following symptoms:

  • Facial pain and inflammation
  • Tenderness and pain of your jaw bone
  • Difficulty in opening and closing your mouth due to jaw joint dysfunction
  • Inability to chew due to pain on your jaw muscles
  • Pain near your ears

TMJ disorder causes a clicking sound while chewing, and limited movement of your jaws and it would help if you undergo TMJ treatment near you.

TMJ syndrome Diagnosis

For TMJ Treatment in 77498, our dental practitioners examine your jaw’s condition to identify any discomfort, pain, or difficulty in the jaw movement. Upon detecting a problem, a diagnostic procedure is performed by using the following approaches:

  • MRI to indicate the condition of your joint and the surrounding muscle tissues
  • Dental X-ray procedure to examine the state of your fabrics, jaw, and teeth
  • CT scan for precise imaging on the condition of your jaw joints

TMJ arthroscopy is applicable during the diagnosis of your TMJ disorders. It involves the insertion of a tube into your joint with a camera to check your condition and determine whether you require treatment.

Home-Based Treatment for TMJ Disorders

You can find TMJ pain relief through home-based therapeutic practices, and the following are some approaches you need to consider:

  • Use of cold packs to alleviate pain on the affected joint
  • Alleviate pain by using recommended essential sedative products
  • Eat a soft diet that doesn’t cause stress on your affected jaw
  • Undergo stress management and relaxation techniques to reduce stress on your muscles and surrounding tissues
  • Use recommended drugs to relieve pain and anti-inflammatory medications to minimize facial swelling
  • Undertake massage therapy

TMJ Treatment near Village of Oak Lake utilizes more effective procedures in case home-based treatment fails. Our options provide you with long-term relief, and they include:

  • Use of dental splints, to align your teeth and avoid clenching
  • Our dentist can prescribe you to use muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatory medicine
  • To minimize pain cognitive behavioral therapy is applicable depending on the condition of your TMJ disorder
  • The flexibility of your muscles and muscle strength is reached by physical therapy
  • We also recommend acupuncture to manage your condition

If your condition is severe, we perform dental surgery procedures to handle your disorder. Total joint replacement becomes a last resort, but it may be necessary. Sedation is applicable during the invasive procedure.

TMJ arthroscopy is less invasive, and you can recover quickly. Our experts at Sugarland will determine the procedure that’s suitable during your treatment.

TMJ Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

At Aliana Family Dental in Sugar Land, TX, we examine your jaw joints to detect any signs of TMJ disorders. We analyze the root cause of your facial pain and inflammation. Our experienced specialists provide an exceptional diagnosis of your swollen jaw bone, locked jaw muscles, and migraines caused by a TMJ disorder.

Your medical history enables our experts to handle your TMJ treatment with precision. Past injuries to your jaw and arthritis cause TMJ pain, and our team will help you alleviate the pain. During TMJ Treatment in 77498, we recommend maintaining a healthy mechanism that doesn’t cause stress on your jaw joint, to cope with the pain.

We advise you to use home-based remedies to suppress your pain, but if joint pains persist, our dentists have more advanced treatment procedures to handle TMJ disorders. Please make an appointment with our practitioners at Sugarland, TX, for TMJ treatment in 77498.

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