What You Need to Know About TMJ Treatment?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a nerve and jaw muscle disorder that is caused by inflammation or injury to the temporomandibular joint. This is the joint that connects the jawbone and the skull. TMJ causes sharp pain when crackling chewing and clicking. The pain gets worse if you don’t seek medical help. At Aliana Family dental, we put our expertise to work to ease your pain when you visit us for TMJ Treatment in sugar land, TX.

Constant and unexplained toothaches, headaches, and a swollen cheek may be an indication that you need TMJ treatment. Our team of expert dentists will relieve you by treating the sharp TMJ pain. Book an appointment with our dentist and get help.

TMJ Syndrome Symptoms

Jaw joint pain is the main TMJ symptom; however, there are other signs that are associated with TMJ. If you have any of these signs, it is only wise that you find a tmj dentist near you as soon as possible. Delaying to see a dentist will only worsen the situation.

  • Severe Jaw pain or tenderness
  • Crepitus (Popping or clicking of the jaw)
  • Toothache-like pain
  • Earache with crackling sounds
  • Stiff, tight or sore neck muscles and jaw
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty in chewing

Important Facts You Should Know About TMJ

  • TMJ can be caused by injury to the jaw, teeth, teeth clenching, arthritis, teeth misalignment, poor posture, and stress.
  • Although TMJ pain can be managed at home using remedies like ice packs, you need to see a dentist. Avoiding chewing gum and stress can also help.
  • Common treatment for TMJ in cases where home remedies don’t work include, physical therapy, and Botox injections/li>
  • The first thing to do if you suspect TMJ is to visit a tmj dentist near you.

TMJ Risk Factors

You are more likely to have TMJ because of the following factors

Poor Posture

Poor posture in the upper back and neck can lead to strain in the neck. It can also lead to jaw muscle function abnormalities causing severe pain. It is advisable that you maintain a good posture to avoid neck strains.

Age and Stress

People aged 18 to 45 are more likely to experience TMJ than those outside this age bracket. Stress can cause TMJ as a result of jaw clenching and increased muscle tension. You should try to relax and avoid stress to reduce the risk of TMJ.

Jaw Trauma

Jaw trauma may cause fractures along the condyles, which puts you at a higher risk of TMJ. In case of trauma to the jaw or face, you should look for TMJ Treatment near Woodbridge as soon as you can.

How We Diagnose TMJ

Our dentists will take your medical history before a physical exam, which will help find the cause of the symptoms.The physical exams include listening and feeling your jaw as you open and close your mouth. A dentist can also touch your jaw to identify painful areas. Sincethere isn’t a specific test for TMJ, several tests might be done to fully diagnose TMJ. In case our dentist suspects TMJ the following will be done;

  • CT scan for a thoroughanalysis of bones in the jaw region
  • Dental X-ray for a proper examination of the teeth and jaw
  • MRI to help identify any problems with the disks and soft tissue around all the joints


These are the medication options we use alongside nonsurgical treatments to relieve your pain.

Anti-inflammatories and Pain relievers

We do prescribe stronger pain relievers for patients who are still experiencing pain after taking over the counter pain relievers. This will help suppress the pain in your jaw.

Muscle Relaxants

Our dentist can prescribe muscle relaxants for a few days to relieve TMJ pain, which is caused by muscle spasms.

Tricyclic antidepressants

These are drugs that will help you relax and lower your stress levels. Some antidepressants can also be used as pain relievers.

Aliana Family Dental TMJ Treatment

TMJ can be very painful, and home remedies may not work all the time. If that happens, you don’t have to worry because, at Aliana Family Dental, we have got your back. Our dentist has helped many people with TMJ live a happy life, and you are not an exception. Book an appointment with us today, and we will relieve your TMJ pain.

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