The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

Did you know that even if you diligently brush and floss your teeth twice a day, followed by a good oral mouth rinse, you still need to have professional dental cleanings at least once a year? If you’re wondering why that is, we hope the information below provides answers and incentive to schedule your teeth cleaning in Sugar Land, TX with Aliana Family Dentistry.

What the American Dental Association (ADA) Recommends

It’s not just the dental care team at Aliana Family Dentistry making the recommendation for professional teeth cleaning. The American Dental Association also endorses annual cleanings for individuals without gum disease or other dental issues, and twice a year for those who have a history of periodontal disease.

Preventive Dentistry at Its Best!

A professional dental cleaning is far more thorough than anything a patient can accomplish at home – even if they use electronic brushing and rinsing devices in their efforts. There is no substitute for the dental equipment used during professional teeth cleaning, and there is no substitute for the up-close-and-personal perspective of your dental health that dental professionals have when you’re in their office.

Along with being able to detect early signs of dental concerns such as gum disease and tooth decay, the team at Aliana Family Dentistry will be looking for signs of oral cancer – a potentially deadly form of the disease that is far easier to treat when it’s caught early. Just as it’s important for you to receive annual health screenings from your primary physician for other types of cancer, the same holds true for preventive dentistry in Sugar Land.

Additionally, research shows that there is a direct correlation between poor oral health and other medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, systemic infections, and stroke. That’s one of the many reasons that regularly scheduled professional cleanings, and dental exams are recommended by health watchdog groups like the ADA.

There’s a Bonus: A Fresh, Clean Mouth

In addition to staying ahead of dental and health concerns, patients who come to Aliana Family Dentistry for their teeth cleaning in Sugar Land often tell us how much happier they are afterward because they have a fresh, clean mouth and know where they stand in regard to gum disease and dental decay. If you want to experience that same wonderful feeling, book an appointment today at Aliana Family Dentistry for a comprehensive teeth cleaning in Sugar Land.

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