Not All Dental Extractions are for Wisdom Teeth

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, when most people hear about a dental extraction, their mind immediately thinks the procedure was to remove one or more wisdom teeth. While it’s true that this type of surgical tooth extraction is popular, it is not the only reason for tooth extraction in Sugar Land. We’ll cover some of the other reasons that a dentist near you who specializes in general dentistry in Sugar Land can help with a dental extraction, but since wisdom tooth extraction is top-of-mind for many people, let’s take a look at that procedure first.

Why Extraction of Wisdom Teeth is So Common

When a patient’s wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they can be very difficult to keep clean because of their location in the mouth. For this reason, they are more susceptible to decay than other easier-to-reach teeth. And when decay impacts a wisdom tooth, gum disease is likely to follow. That’s one reason many dentists will suggest extraction as a form of preventive dentistry in Sugar Land.

Another reason for the removal of wisdom teeth is if the tooth itself fails to emerge and becomes impacted in the gum. An impacted wisdom tooth can present in several ways. Patients may experience pain or swelling in the jaw, swollen or bleeding gums, halitosis (commonly called bad breath), limitations in their ability to open their mouth, and an unpleasant taste.

Because some of these symptoms could be a signal of other conditions such as gum disease or dental infection, patients must seek immediate dental care from their general or family dentist in Sugar Land to ensure a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

When you visit our office for a wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist will treat the condition with the latest technology and state-of-the-art surgical equipment to ensure prompt healing without risk of complication. You’ll be provided with post-op instructions, antibiotics, and possibly pain medication. You must follow the directions that you’re given to safeguard against complications, but we’re just a phone call away in the event of an emergency.

Other Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

When there is dental decay in a tooth that’s too severe to be restored with the help of a dental crown, your dentist may recommend the removal of the tooth to keep the decay from worsening into an infection in other areas of your body.

At Aliana Family Dental, our top priority is to help our patients keep their natural teeth for as long as possible, so extraction will only be recommended as a last resort. In most cases, we’ll suggest a filling or a dental crown, but if you’ve neglected your preventive dental care for too long, the only remaining option may be to have the tooth pulled.

When that happens, we’ll provide options for tooth replacement, such as a dental bridge, a dental implant, or a partial denture. Unlike wisdom teeth that do not require replacement, any other extracted tooth will benefit from a replacement to prevent further complications from arising. When your dentist makes the recommendations, try to look beyond the initial cost to the long-term benefits that will be explained to you.

Your dentist may also suggest a dental extraction as a way to prepare a healthy future smile. An example of this includes the removal of a tooth that is crowding other teeth from coming in straight. This is a very common practice in pediatric and adolescent dentistry, but it’s effective in adult dentistry as well.

Let Us Help You Get the Care You Need

It’s very common for patients in need of dental work to avoid seeing their dentist because they experience dental anxiety or some other type of dental phobia. At Aliana Family Dental, we know that what you’re experiencing is real, and we’re ready to help you get the treatment you need by providing sedation dentistry if required.

When an infection such as an abscess, decay, or gum disease is left untreated, it will lead to complications more severe and costly than a simple tooth extraction. If you live in Sugar Land, TX, and are afraid of the dentist, we invite you to visit us. We have several options available to help you feel more relaxed about your treatment – and we can’t wait to meet you!

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